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Tropical Mixed Fruit Preserve -- Mango, Pineapple, Orange Jam with Chia
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Tropical Mixed Fruit Preserve — Mango, Pineapple, Orange Jam with Chia

It isn’t fall yet…and here’s this chilly crisp note in the air already. We did have a well-behaved winter last time and the summer this year had been just too friendly. There were some rains shattering our weekend vacations goals intermittently, and yet, by far we were able to soak […]

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Indian style Chowmein — and a peep into India’s street fast food culture

India is one breathtakingly amazing country with a distinctive street food culture. It is unique because though many of the roadside foods are extremely popular and symbolic of India, they aren’t generally prepared at home. And yet, as willing as people are to eat simple home-cooked meals, they’re equally enthusiastic to party at a […]

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Cherry Fritters — of cherries, cherry blossom and cheer!

“Cherry blossoms, the noble flowers, have witnessed countless encounters throughout the ages…Cherry blossoms, the short-lived flowers, have seen so many good-byes…And again, this year, they bloom to watch over a lot of emotions, in the season of beginnings called Spring!”   Spring and April provides quite a welcome respite from the […]

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Whole wheat and oat Pancakes — super tasty, healthy, light, soft and fluffy

Pancakes tastes best with fruit sauces, isn’t it? What else would’ve been more fitting? Pancakes and this Blueberry-Strawberry Compote complement each other perfectly, like no one does…they’re such a “whole hearted” couple. Made for each other, seriously in love, seriously delicious, worth dying for!! When it comes to the “slightly […]