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Hurry Burry makes a great Egg Curry!

Hurry Burry makes a great Egg Curry!

Have you noticed those funny tongue-in-cheek one-line punches written on Indian buses and trucks? If not, I’ve got pictures of two for you here.  I was in India for a few days this March. It was a trip I had been waiting for 5 years. So, in a bid to relive […]

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Whole wheat and oat Pancakes — super tasty, healthy, light, soft and fluffy

Pancakes tastes best with fruit sauces, isn’t it? What else would’ve been more fitting? Pancakes and this Blueberry-Strawberry Compote complement each other perfectly, like no one does…they’re such a “whole hearted” couple. Made for each other, seriously in love, seriously delicious, worth dying for!! When it comes to the “slightly […]