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Hearty Celery & Sweet Potato Potage Soup — a French vegetarian recipe

Remember your Grandma’s old fashioned stew? They’re simple, basic, warm, comforting, healthy, nutritious, appetizing and SO immensely flavorful! Then there are also the one’s she’d make when her little grandchild is down unwell, fussy, grumpy and unhappy in bed with the seasonal runny nose. These Grandma-made porridges, stews, bouillons and […]

Hurry Burry makes a great Egg Curry!

Hurry Burry makes a great Egg Curry!

Have you noticed those funny tongue-in-cheek one-line punches written on Indian buses and trucks? If not, I’ve got pictures of two for you here.  I was in India for a few days this March. It was a trip I had been waiting for 5 years. So, in a bid to relive […]

Eggs, Noodles & Pasta

Indian style Chowmein — and a peep into India’s street fast food culture

India is one breathtakingly amazing country with a distinctive street food culture. It is unique because though many of the roadside foods are extremely popular and symbolic of India, they aren’t generally prepared at home. And yet, as willing as people are to eat simple home-cooked meals, they’re equally enthusiastic to party at a […]