Hello and welcome to my blog-space!

Hi, I am Mou (Moutushi) an avid foodie…the lingering aroma and flavors surround me with love…they unwind me. I am ardent about wholesome everyday foods – traditional and contemporary – that nourishes our soul and boosts happiness. I am also an art and craft enthusiast, an avid traveler, a plantsperson and collector of potteries and curios. 
I am a fourth generation Probashi Baangali (non-residential Bengali) who grew up in north as well as south India and visited numerous places across West Bengal as a child, to see my extended family every summer and winter. For my grandparents and parents, who spent most of their lives outside Bengal, it was important to hold on to their roots and stay connected. They relied on preserving our family’s culinary footprint through heirloom recipes and regional cuisine, dining table stories, great family conversations around food customs while also sharing contemporary recipes in good measures. Thus, the name “Once Upon A Supper” — it is how it all began — my gastronomic journey and my love for food.
Then in life, I fell in love and married a big foodie from South Kolkata (his eternal love for Chicken has
made some legendary anecdotes), who got me forever hooked to cooking!! I currently live in New Jersey
with my Husband S, our two wonderful daughters (Big-J and Lil-J) and Olaf, our cute puppy.
Several precious food memories were regularly part of my growing up years. I cook our family heritage
recipes, timeless comfort foods as well as other flavorful recipes in good measures…over
the years, and in certain ways, I have made them my own.
My approach to cooking is uncomplicated and I mostly favor easy recipes. For the love of authentic and uncompromised flavors, I prefer cooking from scratch and use easy to source, simple, fresh ingredients.
Once Upon A Supper was born out of my necessity to have a placeholder for documenting my recipes and spare
Ma (my Mom) the dozen long distance phone calls (many at odd hours) for recipes, some that she may have
shared several times over! Besides, it is beautiful to have a space my children can visit to read about Ma-er haater khabaar, and ethnic foods she grew up with.
Being a Bengali mom who is raising kids in the other side of the world, it is my little way of passing down my legacy and learnings – for my family and for everyone that it may help – keeping us tied to our ethnicity through food.
Once Upon A Supper is a humble potpourri – an amalgamation of Bengali as well as other recipes, that I
developed through the years. My insight of Bengali cuisine came from my Ma, Thakuma, Dida, Mother-
in-law, all my Pishis, Mashi, Mamimas and Kakimas and their pampering foods – this blog is my tribute
to them and my Husband and kids who have been a solid support in this journey.
I am happy to share my recipes with all of you here and hope you find happy ways to stay connected with food and celebrate life. Welcome to my blog and have a delicious time!

I would love to read from you. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. We can also
stay in touch through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you’d like to work with me or have a question, please contact me here.

Thank you for all the love and encouragement. Celebrate life with food, and have a Delicious time at OnceUponASupper!  🙂

Regards, Mou