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Hello and welcome to my blog-space!

Meet Mou…

My name is Moutushi and I adore cooking…the lingering aroma and flavors surround me with love…it unwinds me. I am ardent about wholesome everyday foods – traditional and contemporary – that feeds our soul and boosts happiness. I’m an Indian, a probashi-Bangali, a self-taught mad scientist in the kitchen and a novice photographer. I live in New Jersey with my Hubbyman S and our two beautiful daughters.

When I am not cooking, or rambling about food, you’ll find me working to earn my living, or spending a quiet time with family and playing with my little loves. I am a Pharmaceutical Industry Consultant by profession, and a Pharmacologist by education. Other than these businesses, I am also an Art and craft enthusiast, an avid traveler, a hoarder of bohemian artsy pottery and wearable pieces of art. My kitchen has occasionally been this monster-mill churning out themed feasts, loaded with handcrafted décor and happy little things, for family and friends. 

My Culinary Story & Inspiration…

In life, I’ve traveled extensively and lived in culturally diverse places, imbibing their unique goodnesses on the go… 

—- From the province of modern Bengal (said to have a traditionally evolved multi-course cuisine analogous to the contemporary service à la russe with sequential eating), —- to the region of Awadh (that has one of most illustrious regal cuisines in India – akin Persian), —- to South-west India and a beautiful rocky hinterland of the Malabar Coast (Udupi’s is one of the oldest surviving Indian cuisines, a Vegetarian’s ), —- and finally to the US (where diverse cultures plus cuisines settle together and foods mix). The medleys are so inspiring…they fill my mind like a thousand fireflies! 

And here I am with all my gastronomic learnings tied together, as I learn more! I value and strongly believe in preserving the traditional recipes of my family, passed down to me through generations. However, my routine juggles to balance work and life, a love affair with kitchen experiments, and the not-so-uncommon bouts of slothfulness have all generously contributed to the birth of what I call my “Potpourri of recipes”…a beautiful amalgamation of blended lovelies. 

Several precious flavorful food memories were regularly part of my growing up years. I cook our family’s age-old recipes, my childhood comfort foods…and in certain ways, I have made them my own. I inherited my father’s affinity for boundary-bending food. Ma (my mom) is a passionate cook and my first culinary teacher. She also taught me my first lessons on simple multi-ethnic food. And then I fell in love and married a big Bengali foodie from South Kolkata (his eternal love for Chicken has made some legendary anecdotes), who got me forever hooked to cooking!! My stalwart sources of culinary-inspiration also includes some truly blessed veteran home chefs — my grand mothers, mother-in-law, aunts, uncles, cousins, their relatives, friends and their families.

About OnceUponASupper & it’s philosophy

As I grew up, I learned many a life’s key lessons at our dinner table. I am a believer in the importance of family dinners and the time together…that most of our evenings should be about being with family, hearty food, great conversations and a good dose of laughter. Thus, the name “Once Upon A Supper” — it is where it all began, how it all began — my culinary journey and my love for food. Along the way, I have grown to establish myself firmly on my founding Indian culinary roots and spread out to embrace foods that are cross-cultural.

My approach to cooking is basic and uncomplicated. For the love of authentic and uncompromising flavors, I generally prefer cooking/baking from scratch and use easy to source, simple, fresh ingredients. Most recipes discussed here have a strong Indian footprint (many of which have been part of my family since ages). You’ll also find a generous dose of “melting pot” foods in this blog. Together they’re all reflective of a modern Indian household. Likewise, this blog believes in inspiring and providing a guideline. Proportions of ingredients that I mention suit my family’s taste buds. Please feel free to adjust spices and seasoning to adapt the recipes to your taste preferences.

Once Upon A Supper was born out of my necessity to have a placeholder for my recipes and sparing Ma of the dozen long distance phone calls, many at odd hours, asking her recipes, she may have had explained more than thrice! This was also a space I was going to use to write down my new recipes, so I don’t forget them later. Besides, I thought it’ll be lovely that my children have an online place to visit in future, to read what their Ma made and how…and the little food stories that she grew up with.

Once Upon A Supper is my food diary, where I share my heritage family recipes as well as the ones I developed in my kitchen over the years. I’d like to use my blog as a humble place for timeless recipes, family kitchen secrets, heritage foods, my own versions of yum, mix-&-match food formulas, and much more…

I shall share this space with you and together walk down those delightful roads…for a joyous, cheerful, aromatic, comforting, fresh and soul-soothing food-romance wrapped in a little tell-a-tale love! And I promise to keep this love always flowing…

I adore reading from you. Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts and I would write back as soon as I can. We can also stay in touch through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you’d like to work with me or have a question, please contact me here.

Thank you for all the love and encouragement. Celebrate life with food, and have a Delicious time at OnceUponASupper!  🙂

Regards, Mou