Peyaj Pora or Pan Roasted, Smoked Onions

Peyaj Pora or Pan Roasted, Smoked Onions

Well not literally – I didn’t “smoke” cook the onions here! I mean, dry roasted onions like this gives them a super nice smoky taste and aroma 🙂 Try it with Roasted bottle gourd Biryani, and you’ll looovvveee it!

Peyaj Pora or Pan Roasted, Smoked OnionsSo here’s what you need to do to make this lovely →

Peyaj Pora or Pan Roasted, Smoked OnionsPeel and wash a medium sized white onion. (you may also use red onions, however they are just this little more pungent, while roasted white onion pumps in more smoky flavor.) Divide it to two halves and cut thin slices length-wise. 

On a stove top, heat a clean, dry non-stick frying pan, and dry roast the onion slices. (Since it may smoke, please turn on your kitchen vent fans during this part of cooking.) They need to be quickly stirred on medium-high heat to absorb a wonderful smoky flavor. Quick stirring also avoids charring. Onions should be nicely roasted in about 2-3 minutes. You will see some blackish char-marks on the onions when they are done. Preserve the dry roasted onions in bowl without lid, since covering them would render sogginess. Savor this with anything – your favorite snack, rice, bread or as is — it deliciously compliments my Roasted bottle gourd Biryani! 🙂 


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