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Hello and welcome to my blog-space!

Meet Mou…

My name is Moutushi Mitra and I adore cooking…the lingering aroma and flavors surround me with love…it unwinds me. I am ardent about wholesome everyday foods – traditional and contemporary – that feeds our soul and boosts happiness. I am a self-taught cook and amateur baker, with no formal culinary training but almost an eternal association with food making. I cook up a storm in my humble kitchen. Cooking is both a stress reliever and an adventure for me. When it comes to my food, I have mixed preferences…some days I have a sweet tooth, sometimes I’d crave for spice while on other occasions you’d find me reach out for the salt or cheese shaker! I am an Indian, a Bengali, and a mad scientist in the kitchen. I live in New Jersey with my Hubbyman S and our two beautiful daughters, Big-J and Lil-J.

When I am not cooking, or rambling about food, you’ll find me working to earn my living, or spending a quiet time with family or playing with my little loves. I am a Pharmacologist by education and a Pharmaceutical n’ Healthcare consultant by profession. Other than these businesses, I am an Art and craft enthusiast and an avid traveler. My kitchen has often been this monster-mill churning out grand elaborate fests at mine, feeding friends and family occasionally. I’ve also played a themed event hostess several times, and loaded them with handcrafted décor and homemade party food/treats. Yes, I love to do happy little things all the time!

My Culinary Story & Inspiration…

Julia Child — ‘You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.’

In life, I’ve traveled extensively and lived in culturally diverse places, imbibing all their unique goodnesses on the go…

—- Form the province of modern Bengal (said to have a traditionally evolved multi-course cuisine analogous to the contemporary service à la russe with sequential eating), —- to the region of Awadh (that has one of most illustrious regal cuisines in India – akin Persian), —- to South-west India and a beautiful rocky hinterland of the Malabar Coast (Udupi’s is one of the oldest surviving Indian cuisines, a Vegetarian’s ), —- and finally to United States (where diverse cultures plus cuisines settle together and foods mix).

And here I am with all my gastronomic learnings tied together and secured in the grey matter as I learn more! I value and strongly believe in preserving the traditional recipes of my family passed down to me through generations. However, my routine juggles to balance work and life, a love affair with Kitchen experiments, an intent to save time for my little loves, making kid friendly “fun meals” or cooking for my big-foodie man, and the not-so-uncommon bouts of slothfulness have all generously contributed to the birth of what I call my “Potpourri of recipes”…the beautiful amalgamation of blended lovelies. The medleys are SO inspiring…they fill my mind like a thousand fireflies! 

Several precious flavorful food memories were regularly part of my growing up years. I cook our family’s age-old recipes, my childhood comfort foods…and in certain ways, I have made my own urban versions of most of them…Happy Serendipity!! I inherited my father’s affinity for boundary-bending food. Ma (my mom) is a great cook and was my first culinary teacher. She also taught me my first lessons on multi-ethnic food. And then I fell in love and married a foodie (his eternal love for Chicken has made some legendary anecdotes), who got me forever hooked to cooking!! 

About OnceUponASupper & it’s philosophy

As I grew up, I learned many a life’s key lessons at our dinner table. I am a believer in the importance of family dinners and the time together…that most of our evenings should be about being with family, hearty food, great conversations and a good dose of laughter. Thus, the name “Once Upon A Supper” — it is where it all began, how it all began — my culinary journey and my love for food. Along the way, I have grown to establish myself firmly on my founding Indian culinary roots and spread out to embrace foods that are cross-cultural.

My approach to cooking is simple, uncomplicated and is an attempt to bring on a fresh perspective to a method or style of cooking. For the love of authentic and uncompromising flavors, I generally prefer cooking/baking from scratch and use easy to source, basic, fresh ingredients. Most recipes discussed here have a strong Indian footprint (many of which have been part of my family since ages). You’ll also find a generous dose of “melting pot” foods in this blog. Together they’re all reflective of a modern Indian kitchen. Moreover, this blog believes in inspiring and providing a guideline. Proportions of ingredients that I mention suit my family’s taste buds. Please feel free to adjust spices and seasoning to adapt my recipe to your taste preferences.

Once Upon A Supper is my food memoir where I share my heritage family recipes as well as recipes I developed in my kitchen over the years. I’d like to use my blog as a humble placeholder of timeless heirloom recipes, family kitchen secrets, heritage foods, my own versions of yum, mix-&-match food formulas, quick lunch-box ideas, some easy fast cooking, and much more…

I shall share this space with you and together walk down those delightful roads…for a joyous, cheerful, aromatic, comforting, fresh and soul-soothing food-romance wrapped in a little tell-a-tale love! And I promise to keep this love always flowing…

I adore reading from you. Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts and I would write back as soon as I can. We can also stay in touch through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. If you’d like to work with me or have a question, please contact me here.

Thank you for all the love and encouragement. Celebrate life with food, and have a Delicious time at OnceUponASupper!  🙂

Regards, Mou